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The Northport Chamber of Commerce welcomes you as new members. The application is simple, and your contribution to the synergy of the Northport Commerce is appreciated. Membership is open to all area businesses and individuals who have a genuine interest in the betterment of Northport and maintain their annual dues investment in the Chamber. Membership is an investment in the present and future of our community’s welfare. Membership dues may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense.

Why Should I Join The Northport Chamber Of Commerce?

  1. Make New Business Contacts.
    Networking at Chamber events helps you meet potential customers and clients. Our monthly meetings provide great opportunities for you to get to know new people – and expand your prospect base. Perhaps no greater benefit exists for membership than networking with other members. The Chamber of Commerce provides many opportunities for the business community to connect with each other.
  2. Market Your Products And Services.
    Take advantage of the Chamber’s low-cost application fee which provides you with online advertising, reaching a unprecedented market. You’ll reach a multitude of individuals and business owners who are anxious to learn more about your products and services.
  3. Invest In The Local Economy.
    When the Chamber assists companies that are relocating here or expanding their businesses, it means more jobs – and more customers for you. Your investment in the Chamber helps to market Northport and promote quality growth.
  4. Gain A Voice In Government.
    The Chamber speaks on behalf of business to elected and appointed officials and government staff members at the local, state and national levels. Your voice will be heard on important regulatory, legislative and educational issues that directly affect your business.
  5. Increase Your Access To Information.
    Locate new prospects in our membership directory. Use demographic and economic information to plan your marketing strategy. The Chamber has a number of information resources you need to help your business grow. Mailing lists and newcomer inquiry lists are available.
  6. Heighten Your Company’s Visibility.
    Display your Chamber membership certificate with pride. Your investment in the Chamber gives your business credibility, visibility and marketability.

  7. Get Involved.
There is nothing more rewarding than volunteering your time and talent to make the community where you live and work a better place. As a member of the Chamber, you will help sustain and improve the quality of life that you, your family and your employees enjoy. Membership in the Chamber pays and is an investment in your business future.

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Annual membership is $30 per business (one vote), and an additional $30 per person within your business or organization who would like to cast a vote. Note: Your membership will not be active until payment is received. Please mail your payment to: Northport Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 177, Northport, WA 99157 * Membership due and payable on or before January 31st of the current year. * Membership is continuous. * Membership dues are tax deductible as a business expense.


The information provided herein is true and correct as of the date of this application. The application subscribes to the objectives, purpose, and programs of the Northport Chamber of Commerce. Dues are non-refundable. The designated voting member may be changed only by the Owner of the business/organization, and must be in writing. A member shall be removed from membership if annual dues are 90 days past due.

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