Do to the Washington State Health Guideline and in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, the Town of Northport Facilities are closed until further notice.  This will include Town Parks and Camping within those areas. 

Please contact the City at 509-732-4450 for further information.

The Northport Boat Launch will remain open to launch fishing vessels.


Washington State link https://coronavirus.wa.gov/what-you-need-know/safe-start  and

NE Tri County Health District including Stevens County https://www.netchd.org/

Northport Chamber of Commerce

We welcome you to our town, where year-round beauty is in abundance. From the soaring Bald Eagle determining his next meal of choice from a bounty provided in the waters of the Upper Columbia River, to the rafter of turkeys running helter-skelter seeking a nibble of corn, to the doe bedding down her fawn in the tall grasses, the serenity captures the traveler. Northport, Washington offers a unique blend of small town living, a great school, eateries, lodging, local artisans, retail services, and trades that are often found in much larger communities. Our citizens have a true sense of spirit, service, and pride of their community. It is our hope that you find the Northport Chamber of Commerce website a useful tool. On this site, you will find information about the Chamber of Commerce, a directory of businesses in the area, information about the Town of Northport, and all the amenities that this Panoramic Northwest has to offer.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Northport Chamber of Commerce is to provide leadership, stimulate and support economic vitality, instill pride and to meet and exceed the needs of our residents, visitors, and business community while maintaining the unique quality and character that is Northport, Washington.


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